Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Voltage Valet‘s travel accessories include personal security, comfort and convenience accessories that help make any trip a real pleasure.

2LT Luggage Tags – Business Card Size

2VT Luggage Tags – ID Size

2NT Neon Luggage Tags

2SP Luggage Strap with Plastic Buckle

2ST TSA Locking Luggage Strap

2TL3I – 3 Dial Combination Lock with TSA Search Indicator

2TB Stow-And-Go™ Bag

2TS LCD Travel Alarm Clock

2NP Travel Neck Pillow

2CC Currency Converter

PS4 Travel Power Surge Strip

PA4 Universal Travel Adaptor –
with USB Cable Connection

VCAP 50/2000 Watt Autoswitching Voltage Converter Kit

V20P 2000 Watt Converter Kit

BL750 PRO Water Bottle Blue

BL750 PRO Water Bottle Black

1706 Auto Umbrella Navy

1706 Auto Umbrella Black

1706 Auto Umbrella Red Plaid

1706 Auto Umbrella Grey Stripe

TLS-001RB Rainbow Luggage Strap 2 Pack

TLS-001OR Orange Luggage Strap 2 Pack

TLS-001GR Green Luggage Strap 2 Pack

TLS-001BL Bold Blue Luggage Strap 2 Pack

THL-001RD Luggage Handle Wrap Red 4 pack

THL-001OR Luggage Handle Wrap Orange 4 Pack

THL-001GR Luggage Handle Wrap Green 4 Pack

THL-001BL Luggage Handle Wrap Blue 4 Pack

THL-001AT Luggage Handle Wrap Assorted Colors 4 Pack

TTB-001B-BK Money Belt Black

TTB-001B TN Money Belt Tan

TTB-301-GY SET RFID Blocking Sleeves Set of 16

TTB-001B TN SET RFID Money Belt with Blocking Sleeves Set Tan

TTB-001B BK SET RFID Money Belt with Blocking Sleeves Set Black

Neon Luggage Tags (Yellow) - Pack of 2

Neon Luggage Tags (Pink) - Pack of 2

Neon Luggage Tags (Orange) - Pack of 2

Neon Luggage Tags (Green) - Pack of 2

Silicone Leak Proof Travel Bottles 1.25 OZ 3 Pack

EMOJI Luggage Tag Heart Eyes

EMOJI Luggage Tag Glasses

EMOJI Luggage Tag Laugh

EMOJI Luggage Tag Wink

EMOJI Luggage Tag Smile

EMOJI Luggage Tag Tongue Out

Power Bank Luggage Scale

Luggage Tags – Textures – 2 Pack

3 Dial TSA Indicator Combination Lock

TSA 3 Dial Locking Luggage Strap

Leather ID Luggage Tags - 2 Pack

Leather Business Card Tag

TSA Key Lock Set 2 Pack

TSA Cable Lock

Luggage Tag Baseball (2 Pack)

Luggage Tag Basketball (2 Pack)

Soccer Luggage Tag (2 Pack)

Football Luggage Tag (2 Pack)

Oval Luggage Tag

Blue Oval Luggage Tag

Green Oval Luggage Tag

Red Oval Luggage Tag

Black Pull Out Luggage Tag

Blue Pull Out Luggage Tag

Red Pull Out Luggage Tag

Destinations Luggage Tag

Poo Emoji Tag

Digital Luggage Scale

Analog Luggage Scale

RFID Card Sleeve 3 Pack

RFID Passport Sleeve

Black RFID Neck Pouch

2 IN 1 Data Charge / Sync Cord

Tan Neck Pouch RFID

Black Hidden Wallet RFID

Tan Hidden Wallet RFID

Silicone Leak Proof Travel Bottles 2 OZ 3 Pack

Silicone Leak Proof Travel Bottles 3 OZ 3 Pack