About Us

Voltage Valet™ - Making the Connection for World Travelers

For over 30 years, Voltage Valet has made traveling to faraway lands, or across the USA, more enjoyable with our foreign electricity converters, dual voltage appliances and travel accessories.

Our company name says it all – we are your Valet when it comes to foreign electricity. We can guide you on the types of wall outlets and electricity you will encounter in every country around the world. All of our foreign electricity converters and dual voltage appliances are designed and built for performance, safety and convenience.

From all of us at Voltage Valet, we wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.

Voltage Valet travel products are sold through luggage stores and other quality retailers throughout the United States. To locate the Voltage Valet retailer nearest you, please contact us using our toll-free number, or e-mail us.

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