Heavy Duty Transformers
TGC1000 Grounded 1000 Watt Transformer – Step Up/Step Down

Model: TGC1000
Price: $220.00
110-120VAC 60 Hz Step Up
220-240VAC 50 Hz Step Down
220-240VAC 60 Hz Step Up
110-120VAC 50 Hz Step Down
1000 Watts Maximum
Weight: 18.00 lb.
Dimensions: 5"H x 6"W x 9"D
UPC: 0 46914 20027 3

TGC1000 Grounded 1000 Watt Transformer – Step Up/Step Down

Select the Step Up mode to increase voltage when using 220-240 volt electronic equipment and appliances in North America. Select the Step Down mode to decrease voltage when using 120 volt North American electronic equipment and appliances in countries with 220-240 volt electricity. Includes a grounded 120 volt North American socket, a grounded 240 volt Continental European (Schuko) socket* and 6 ft. cord with grounded North American plug. Designed for continuous use.

NOTE: This transformer may require a grounded adaptor plug when used outside North America. The grounded adaptor plugs listed below modify the North American plug to fit grounded foreign outlets. To determine which grounded adaptor plug you need see Voltage Valet's Country List in the Electricity Guide section.

Grounded Universal Adaptor Plugs

Model Country
GUB Continental Europe
GUC Australia/New Zealand/China
GUD Great Britain/Hong Kong
GUE South Africa/India 15 Amp
GUF India/Middle East 5 Amp
GUI Italy
GUK Denmark
GUL Israel
GUR Russia
GUS Switzerland