Computer Travel Accessories

Computer Travel Accessories

Most laptops are multivoltage and will operate on voltages ranging from 100-240 volts. Most desktop computers are dual voltage and can be switched from 110-120 to 220-240 volts.
NOTE: Computer peripherals, including monitors, printers and speakers, may require a voltage converter.

Safe Computer Connections
When you travel overseas to countries with 220-240 volt electricity, use a surge protector designed to operate on 220-240 volt power systems such as Voltage Valet's EuroSurge™ shown below. IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to use a 110-120 volt North American surge protector on a 220-240 volt power system, even with a step down transformer. This will damage the 110-120 volt surge protector and may damage your computer.

LAC Laptop In-Flight Adaptor Cable

PS4 Travel Power Surge Strip

PA4 Universal Travel Adaptor –
with USB Cable Connection