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75 Watt Reverse Voltage Converter

Model: 75-Watt-Reverse-Voltage-Converter
Price: $11.09
Weight: 0.09 lb.

75 Watt Reverse Voltage Converter

Consumer electronics from overseas that need 220 Volts - no problem - this converter takes 120V and steps it up to 220 volts up to 75 watts Use with electronic and motorized devices such as: Battery Chargers Camcorders CD/MP3 Players Cell Phones Contact Lens Disinfectors Digital Cameras Electric Shavers Oral Hygiene Devices Radios Sound Machines Reverse Converters use a Step Up transformer to increase 110-120 volt North American electricity to match the 220-240 volts needed by foreign appliances. Designed for continuous use with 220-240 volt electronic and motorized devices that require 75 watts or less. Accepts the round pin European appliance plug; for other plug types use Universal Adaptor Plug model GUB.